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Pratyush Nath Upreti & Asmita Dhital Freedom is the end at which the concept of the common good seems to culminate. It is believed that a person can express their thoughts in a free society in a constructive manner and make democracy strong. For us, education is a weapon that can free a person from the prison of ignorance. Last Saturday, when the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) results were published, a headline on a leading English daily read ‘Boys fare better than girls’, highlighting the male pass percentage of 49.43 against 38.27 for girls. This headline alone asserts that we continue to live in unequal societies where females are behind in every sector of society and education is no exception. But such headings, though bonafide, also serve to impress on the population an image of the female as les capable than males. Passing the SLC No doubt, meaningful education has not reached every corner of the country but when we talk of inequality, there is a group that is extre