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Neutralising acid

Pratyush Nath Upreti I am a man but it is only my physical assets that make me different from a woman. Today, I’m ashamed of being a man. In this ‘patriarchy’, we seem to have lost our senses and are committing barbaric acts like the acid attack last Sunday on two young girls. But whenever I write on gender issues, I receive responses from readers. Among them, there was an email from an undergraduate student who said, “When issues regarding women victims are brought up by male writers, I feel that women are not alone in the fight against gender discrimination”. Indeed, for any form of gender violence, women are not alone, and such violence is not just an issue of sexism; it’s a social issue. Tragedy in Basantapur Last Sunday morning, Kathmandu witnessed a vicious acid attack on two minors who were waiting for their teacher at a tuition centre in Basantapur. Since the news of the incident became public, there has been a flood of sympathy and concerns for the victims. There have a