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First National Intellectual Property Law & Development Essay Competition-2016

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, 26 April 2016, I am happy to launch first National Intellectual Property Law & Development Essay Competition 2016. The main objective of essay competition is to generate interest and discussion among the students across the country in the field of intellectual property. The competition is open to student of undergraduate and postgraduate student in the field of law, art, management, business, social sciences, health and human rights. Thank you, Implementation partners and Jury members for your generous support. Please see flyer for more information. Let's talk and think IP seriously!!!

Innovative Minds

Pratyush Nath Upreti Every year, April 26 is celebrated as World Intellectual Property Day to promote discussion of the role of intellectual property (IP) in encouraging innovation and creativity. Last year on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day, I wrote a piece titled ‘ Music & Lyrics’ in which I analysed the overall status of IP in Nepal. At the global juncture, there has been an outcry over IP issues on International Investment Agreement and the last WTO ministerial conference raised concerns about growing plurilateral trading system, which includes a substantial Intellectual Property Chapter. In this note, let’s examine where Nepal stands on IP. Present status Last year Nepal underwent an important development in that it promulgated a constitution, ending a prolonged political transition. The newly drafted constitution has a provision on IP. Article 25 (1) defines property as movable and immovable, including IP. This is interesting as there is no other contemp