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1. Hey, I made that, The Kathmandu Post, 26 April 2018.
2. Catch those pirates, The Kathmandu Post, 26 April 2017
3. Trumps of Nepal, The Kathmandu Post, 18/9/2016
4. A fresh start, The Kathmandu Post, 8/8/2016
5. . Innovative minds, The Kathmandu Post, 26 April 2015
6.The Other Side, The Kathmandu Post, 28 December 2015
7. Right to read, The Kathmandu Post, 18th October, 2015
8. Start Talking, Republica, 29th September, 2015
9.Losing state religion, The Kathmandu Post, 22/09/2015
Fine tune it, on the Draft ICT Policy 2015, The Kathmandu Post, 19/08/2015
11.Parasitic proposal, The Kathmandu Post, 24/07/2015
12.Politics of smoke, Republica, 20/07/2015
13.Engineering compromise: does it have any significance in design law?Class99 Design Law Blog/MARQUES
14.Tread With Care, The Kathmandu Post, 07/07/2015
15. Free-riding on the repute of trademarks – Does protection generate innovation?(co-authored blog article, Maastricht University, Blog in IPKM)
16.Music & Lyrics, The Kathmandu Post, 26/04/2015, on occasion of World Intellectual Property Day.
17. Neutralising Acid, The Kathmandu Post, 01/03/2015
18. Advertising in the digital environment: when creativity faces legal boundaries (co-authored blog article, Maastricht University, Blog on IPKM.
19. A Temporary Solution,The Kathmandu post, 16/01/2015
20.Academica – Industry: Learning from each other, Maastricht University, Blog on IPKM, 07/11/2014
21.A queer divide", The Kathmandu Post, 18/11/2014
22.Justice Denied, The Kathmandu Post, 12/10/2014
23. Cyber Democracy,The Kathmandu Post, 24/08/2014
24. A Burning Issue, The Kathmandu Post, 07/20/2014
25. Temple and State, The Kathmandu Post, 07/06/2014
26.Educating Inmates, The Kathmandu Post, 06/22/2014
27.Cyber crime without cyber-rules,The Kathmandu Post, 05/25/2014
28. Evil on the loose, The Kathmandu Post, 20/04/2014
29.Mockery Of Justice? The New Spotlight News Magazine,Vol: 07 No. -18 Mar. 21- 2014 (Chaitra 07, 2070)
30.Unanswered Questions, The Kathmandu Post, 02/03/2014
31. "Mind Gains" The Kathmandu Post, February 2, 2014
32. Criminal Love, The Kathmandu Post, January 7, 2014
33.“Redefining Leadership: Youth Take the Lead” The Rising Nepal,The Friday Supplement, November 15, 2013
34. "Electoral Education for Youth” Republica, November 13, 2013
35. “The Five Percent” Republica, November 12,2013
36.“Election, Its Observation and Monitoring” New Spotlight News Magazine, November 10, 2013
37. “Play by the rules" The Kathmandu Post,November 3, 2013
38. "Litmus Test For Democracy", Human Right Monitor, Vol 9, No 20, October-2013
39. "Rape and Retribution" The Kathmandu Post, October 1, 2013
40. "Presumed Innocence” The Kathmandu Post, July 30, 2013
41. “A Beautiful Struggle” The Rising Nepal,The Friday Supplement,July 19, 2013
42. "The Creative Integration of Ex-Combatants in Nepal"
43. “Sex without romance” The Rising Nepal,The Friday Supplement, July 5, 2013
44. “Truth Seeker” The Kathmandu Post, May 10, 2013
45. “Youth ,Society & Education” The Rising Nepal,The Friday Supplement, April, 2013
46. “Creatures of Conditioning” The Kathmandu Post, January 11, 2013
47. “Success Solution” The Kathmandu Post, January 4, 2013
48CA Extension: Moral Imperatives , The New Spotlight News Magazine,Vol: 05 No. -03 July 22- 2011
49“I am not a gay : I support Gayism", The New Spotlight News Magazine,Vol: 05 No. -18, March 30, 2012

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Intellectual Property Rights in Nepal

Pratyush Nath Upreti

Speaking at a memorial service for Nelson Mandela on Dec 10, 2013, South African President Jacob Zuma said, “There is no one like Madiba. He was one of a kind.” Indeed the South African president’s statement about the world’s greatest liberator who contributed so much to strengthening the values of human rights is very significant. Mandela is an inspiration for all mankind. Unfortunately, a controversy has arisen over the ownership and unauthorised use of the name Mandela since his death.

Nelson Mandela’s image, name and quotations have been registered under the proprietorship of the Nelson Mandela Foundation as per South African trademark laws. They are registered under several classes including jewellery, clothing, books and other products. Furthermore, other proprietors of the Mandela brand include the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. Infringement and unauthorised use of t…

Nepal's First National Intellectual Property Policy-2017

A Brief Analysis Of Nepal’s First National IP Policy

By Pratyush Nath Upreti

Earlier this year, the Nepal Government released its long-awaited first national intellectual property policy, after becoming the first least developed country (LDC) to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 23 April 2004.

The National Intellectual Property Policy of Nepal, released on 6 March, is available here [pdf].

During the accession negotiation of the WTO, Nepal presented an ‘Action Plan for Implementation of the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Protection’ which highlights the actions already taken by Nepal and future roadmaps to develop an IP system within an estimated timeline.

Unfortunately, the action plan, suggesting drafting of the national IP code, never came into practice. Being an LDC, Nepal enjoys the status of the transition period under the TRIPS Agreement and has been receiving technical support from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Nepal is in the midst of a political transition, and with …

Philip Morris v Uruguay: A Breathing Space for Domestic IP Regulation

Just received a copy of my recent publication.

Citation: Pratyush Nath Upreti, Philip Morris v Uruguay: A Breathing Space for Domestic IP Regulation, European Intellectual Property Review (2018)40(4), 277­